Artist Collabs: LottiLove x You

Artist Collabs: LottiLove x You

Are you a visual artist who works in pastel colors, cute subject matter, or wildly feminine patterns? We have a (paying) job for you!

Sure, we could create clothing with stripes and polka dots, but we’d rather create wearable works of art! 

Our Commitment to Artists

Part of the LottiLove vision is to become a collaborative place for artists and those who love fashion! We are committed to elevating and celebrating artists and bringing their work to life in all-new ways. 

In case it isn’t clear: Artists are always credited and paid.

Collaborate with Us!

Really, it’s up to you, but here’s a starting point for how we can work together. 

1. Talk with us about your ideas, or solicit us for ideas! We always have upcoming planned collections (some with charitable contributions). If you have your own idea for a pattern Or graphic, pitch it!

2. Name your price for an exclusive use commercial license for the artwork. You can choose to be paid one upfront fee, or (recommended) a revenue share of up to 30% of the price of items sold. If you want part (or all) of your share donated to a charity, let us know!

3. Create your wearable masterpiece based on the parameters we give you for the garments or accessories we plan together. We’ll give you specs if you need them, but most of the time we just as for a seamless pattern in a square, 3000x3000 pixels, 300dpi.

4. Review the factory’s renderings of the items we create in the collection, and the collection name. We want you to love this collaboration! 

5. Tell your fans online about the collection. We’ll give you ideas and templates for creating social content to promote our collaboration. 

6. Watch the explosion of growth that comes from expanding your art into wearable fashion and seeing your fans and our customers wearing your creations!

Our Responsibilities:

- Creating ideas and parameters for you to create your pattern
- Translating your art into a collection of 6-15 pieces
- Incorporating your feedback into final designs
- Paying you (on time!) for your work
- Promoting you on our social media and adding your profile to our website
- Investing in production of our collection
- Investing a minimum of $500 in ad spend to promote our collection

Your responsibilities:
- Turning in only original artwork
- Following technical parameters and preparing file accordingly
- Providing us with an artist bio and photo
- Giving us feedback on the factory renderings
- Promoting your collection to your following online
- Meeting deadlines and putting your all into the project

Let’s get started today!

Hit the live chat button, or fill out this online form to be considered for a position as a collaborative artist!