LottiLove Affiliate Program

LottiLove Affiliate Program

Are you a content creator? A streamer? Influencer/YouTuber/Tik-Tokist?

We have a job for you! 

If you love our products and have a Social Media following, you could be earning commission with our Affiliate program. 

How does it work? 

Sign up for the affiliate program here. We'll gather some basic information from you, and start the evaluation process. We look for people of all genders, backgrounds, races, sizes, and social following.

Once approved, you'll be added to the program, where you'll begin earning 10% commission immediately by promoting your personalized link. Create content with LottiLove products, and get creative! You'll also be added to an exclusive group where you can share and socialize with other affiliates. 

Benefits of becoming an affiliate:

  • - Exclusive discount code
  • - Code for your followers that when used, assigns you a commission for that sale
  • - A special link that earns you 10% commission (even if they close it and come back later!)
  • - Shoutouts/content reposts on LottiLove's social channels, chance to be featured on the blog
  • - FREE Products (on an invite-only, availability basis)

Requirements :

  • - Aesthetically aligned content, original and personal! We support sex workers, adult content is OK.
  • - No Hate, Transphobic, or Racist content 
  • - Social reach of 10k or more**
  • - Commitment to posting at least once per month

Ready to join?

Start Here

**If you don't meet the social reach requirements yet - we want to help! Join our Brand Ambassador program and start building your following while enjoying exclusive discounts.