LottiLove Brand Ambassador Program

LottiLove Brand Ambassador Program

Do you LOVE our products and want to help spread the word while also receiving exclusive discounts? We have a program for you - regardless of your social media following size!

Why Brand Ambassadors?

When designing our social outreach plan - something was missing. We actually LOVED the aesthetic of accounts that were less known. So much about our mission and community is about authenticity. Often times, authenticity means creating social content that isn't meant to build audiences. Basically, we found fun, flirty, feminine accounts that were beautiful and just created for the joy of creating it!

We want to get EVERYONE involved in LottiLove - our vision involves the creation of an inclusive, supportive community, so we designed a program to let everyone in.

P.S. Our Founder, Teresa, also worked as a brand ambassador (no really) so she may be a bit biased. The BA program is a high priority for her because she knows how passionate and effective BAs can be, and how hard they work.


- Weekly products to your inbox that are highly discounted or free + S&H.
- Opportunity to be featured on the blog, and all LottiLove social channels
- Priority access to support
- Fast track to our affiliate program, where you get FREE products and commission, and become part of the L<3 team!


- Social Media account that is public
- Must love the L<3 aesthetic, brand, and mission
- Must stay subscribed to the L<3 BA weekly email, 'like' us on Facebook, Instagram, and follow us on Twitter (if applicable!)


- Post the highly discounted/free products we send you
- Let us know about the post through email, DM, or message
- Tag LottiLove and be our online cheerleader!
- Keep your accounts free of any hateful, racist, or transphobic content

Sound good? We designed this program to be low stress and low maintenance. This is a fun way to get involved that rewards our advocates - our best salesperson is a satisfied customer.

How to join:

- Follow LottiLove on Facebook
- Follow ShopLottiLove on Instagram
- (Optional) Follow LottiLove on Twitter
- Fill out the form below!