LED Mirrors with Cosmetic Storage Kit - LottiLove Decor
LED Mirrors with Cosmetic Storage Kit - LottiLove Decor
LED Mirrors with Cosmetic Storage Kit - LottiLove Decor

LED Mirrors with Cosmetic Storage Kit

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You know there’s nothing more satisfying than an organized makeup counter - or at least - that’s what we thought! Then, we stumbled upon this game-changing all-in-one organizer, mirror, and makeup light. The best part? It travels.

Don’t live another day with an unorganized vanity or bathroom counter. Keep all your cosmetics in the precise place you’ll go to apply them. This pink makeup organizer has thought of every detail.


  • Save Space. Elevate your makeup application with a lighted mirror, no need for an external one. This all-in-one solution saves space and looks great!
  • Stay Lit. The ring LED light is the secret to executing a flawless makeup application. This is the same type of ring light professionals use for application and photography. Tip from the team: Keep the LED light on when your look is set and position your phone’s front-facing camera right above the top to take the perfectly illuminated #makeupgoals selfie.
  • Create your Countertop.  In our signature LottiLove pastel pink, this is a must-have for you or your BFF - a fantastic centerpiece around which to build your pastel aesthetic!
  • Travel-ready. No more fussing with a makeup bag when you hit the road. This portable makeup storage travels well and protects its contents from bumps and dings. Just pick it up and put it in your carry-on. This just became the easiest part of packing! Tip from the Team: this is a GREAT gift for bridesmaids or even a bridal shower gift for this reason!


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