7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable
7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable
7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable
7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable
7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable
7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection - LottiLove Downloadable

7pc LottiLove x You CoBranded Collection

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**Please read the entire listing and be sure you agree to all responsibilities before purchasing. There are absolutely no refunds on this once we begin working on it, to protect our artists and team!**

Have you ever seen those amazing collaborations between popular beauty bloggers and cosmetics companies? Think MannyMUA's collaboration with Morphe, which gave him the traction to launch Lunar Beauty. Or NikkiTutorial's collaboration with Beauty Bay, which sold out when it first launched. 

There is a reason this type of co-branded collabs are great for retailers AND influencers. The cobranding allows both sides of the partnership to grow their followings and brands. It solidifies the influencer as a subject-matter-expert in their chosen niche, and they make a pretty penny on the sales coming from their name being slapped on a product they believe in.

Here at LottiLove, we don't think you need to wait until you have 100M YouTube followers before you launch a cobranded line - you only need the personal connection that comes from being your authentic self! So, we are excited to finally announce the pilot LottiLove x You program.

Program Overview

A co-branded collection between LottiLove and a micro-influencer in the girly-alternative sector. This can be Kawaii, Fairy Kei, J Fashion, Pastel, or any aesthetic that vibes with ours.

The collection will have it's own monogram contrast pattern, with the initials or symbol of the influencer, as well as a 100% original pattern from the LottiLove team, that the influencer will help guide the design for. 

You can rest assured your line will be available FOR ALL. With no limits on orders, sizing, and lengths we'll go to to make your fans happy.

Examples of completed coordinated collections can be seen by going to 'Prints' in the main navigation of the site. 

Creating YOUR branded line is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. You pick 7-10 items from our selection of silhouettes and styles we can produce.
2. You describe your vision and we present you with patterns, color schemes, and monograms from our independent artist collaborative.
3. You receive and promote YOUR collection to YOUR fans, and start earning unlimited brand equity, commission, and new fans!

The best part? This entire process can take as little as 14 days.

Influencer Requirements:

  • Must be 21+
  • Must be a current LottiLove Brand Ambassador or Affiliate in Good Standing
  • Open to Worldwide, but additional shipping charges may occur
  • No hate speech or *phobic language on your accounts. In general, your values must somewhat align with ours: inclusivity, originality, and fun!

Influencer Responsibilities:

  • Must provide creative guidance (if any) on the artwork being prepared for the line.
  • Must provide acceptance/approval of factory renderings and patterns within 72 hours of reciept.
  • Must keep an open line of communication with LottiLove and respond in a timely manner to requests for media, quotes, and content generation. 

Will be asked to produce and release to us for commercial use the following media:

  • Promo Video (can be raw video, we can edit!)
  • Promo Photography
  • Logo for your channel/account/brand

We will invest more than $3,000 in our first five collections, here's how:

- Press Release announced over your local wire with your collection announcement ($1000 value)
- Samples of all your collection items in your size ($550 retail value)
- Custom sewn-in tags tags with your logo and name ($250 value)
- Custom Hang tags with your logo and information on the collection ($55+ value)
- Custom poly bags for shipping items within your collection ($150 value)
- Artist pay, artwork licensing (Approx $750. value)
- Complete management of production, shipping, fulfillment, and customer service (UNLIMITED value)
- Assuming all risk of returns and chargebacks (Value varies.)
- Promotion on our social channels with reach of 10K+ (Approx $50 value)
- COMPLETE SUITE of personalized co-branded social media content production by our designers (Approx $350 value)
- Landing page with your collection, photography, and brand story ($150 value)
- FB Ads running consistently throughout your campaign ($250+ value)
- 25% commission on each item from the collection that is sold (UNLIMITED value and earning potential)


Stop thinking you need millions of followers to have a world-class collaboration with a big brand. Let's grow together and create something amazing!

Enjoy your purchase soon! Unless otherwise noted, orders are processed as soon as possible. We're an independent, USA-based brand and most orders ship right from our warehouse in the US. Most orders arrive in 5-7 business days.

Made-to-order items will take 7 weeks to arrive. These one-of-a-kind pieces are worth the wait!

NO-HASSLE RETURNS - Ready-to-ship items are returnable within 14 days of your delivery. Test it, try it out. We KNOW you're going to love your LottiLove piece, and we stand by everything we sell. If it doesn't meet your expectations, just call us and explain what's up. We'll send you a label to return the item to us and refund your account for the full purchase price. 

Made-to-order items are not returnable except in the case of damage or insufficient quality.

Our Mission

LottiLove is founded to be an inclusive online space for those who enjoy fun, femenine, and flirty apparel. Our mission is to bring as much customer collaboration, original design, and artist input to be less of a shop and more of a virtual community.

Our Vision

To be the leading online hub of creative ideas and people who live to be fun, flirty, fearless. 

Our Values

Inclusion | Originality | Sustainability 

About Us

LottiLove was founded in 2019 by Teresa Compton, a recovering addict who found comfort and inclusion in the artwork of her favorite Kawaii artists. With a vision of houses and closets dripping with pink and pastels, she set her plan in motion to create an artist collaborative around an era-driven pastel aesthetic. 

The vision is to grow the business into a brand that hires, elevates, and supports recovering addicts and their families - as well as brings awareness to and calls for action for mental health issues in the US. 

Why choose LottiLove?

Original. Artist collaborations and designer items can only be found here.
Independent. We're a small team of women, based in Florida.
Purpose-driven. Changing the world is part of our mission, so giving back is a part of our business.

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People Say...

It's like Betsy Johnson, but pastel. This is the brand to watch for lovers of all things girly.

Kiera S., Fashion Blogger

Ever wish the girl's department came in your size? Now it does. Forget fast-fashion and mass-production. This will be your favorite indie brand if you're a fan of pink, sequins, and sparkles.

Samiya P., Influencer